No Moshing, Crowd Surfing, or Stage Diving. No fightin’, spittin’, or cussin’. ....righhhht...

I think it is amazing how many people have not heard of the Dropkicks. I’m pumped because i have never seen them in concert but have been told they put on a great show. They are good entertainers. I am not even a big fan of their music, however their music is going to be the soundtrack of our weekends. "Kiss me I'm Shitfaced," a popular favorite. The bagpipe is going to be sick. The only downer is that their sound is pretty hardcore which means a lot of moshing, and all that jazz. Which is "not" going to happen... righhht...

Rules and Regulations at the Concert:

  • No backpacks, purses, bags, bottles, food, cameras or other recording devices permitted.  Flash phones, if used, may be confiscated, so please don’t bring them.  There is no place to “store” your stuff down at the concert, so leave it in your room.
  • No Moshing, Crowd Surfing, or Stage Diving.  No fightin’, spittin’, or cussin’.  Keep it clean and be kind and we will all have a good time.           .....'isn't that what Dropkick's are all about?'....
  • There is no parking at the event, so please walk down from campus.  ....'that is going to be quite the walk'....

    May 18th the summer officially starts. I can't wait! I have a month off before I start working, which is going to be so sweet. During thatmonth off I am going to enjoy long bike rides to get back into shape. I am going to enjoy home cooked meals and steak-tips on the grill. I am going to go camping with my friends and enjoy a concert by the Charles in Boston. At the end of June I will start work at Camp Lincoln in Kingston, NH. It is going to be a good summer. I am going to be in charge of Sports Camp and then I get to do a little bit of travel camp. Where I hop on a bus with 60 kids and go to the beach one day and the aquarium the next.  This summer is going to be a shmorgishboard of fun. So Bring It On.

    End of the School Year

    I am surprisingly excited for my freshman year at Plymouth to be over. Does anyone else feel this way? I have heard from a lot of my older friends that it's weird that I feel this way. I am excited for change, excited for good weather, excited to no longer live in the dorm and eat the cafe food. I am excited to see the faces of summer. Not a single part of me wants to stay here.

    What I will miss... is walking into my room to my roommate sleeping with all the lights off and shades down at 2 in the afternoon. I will miss eating the amazing school food. I will miss walking a mile down to my car every time I go to work. I will miss throwing up after a late Friday night. I will miss not having any privacy... Come to think of it I won't really miss anything at all.

    Spring Break Part 3

    The city of New Orleans in the past has been known to have the highest crime rate in the United States. Now, 20 months after hurricane Katrina hit; the city had a chance to get back on its feet and start from scratch. However, the crime rate in the city is already half of what it was before 2005.

    Knowing that the security down there is at its worst and the crime rate is on a constant rise, i was frightened to visit.

    Alternative Spring Break (continued...)

    We pulled up to a school that had been washed out from the flood. Outside a big sign welcomed us, "Welcome Volunteers to Camp Hope." We had to pass through security and then once inside everyone in the van had an overwhelming look on their face. It was no five star hotel. There were porter pottys lined up outside and cots piled up under an overhang. Inside the school everything had been gutted out. Slabs of sheet rock separated the rooms. However each wall was painted by the volunteer groups and seemed to brighten up the place. Wires and piping were hanging from the ceiling. Our room consisted of 15 bunks. And a few cots. We had a tarp as our door. I could not believe this was where i was going to be staying for an entire week. We through our belongings on our bunks slowly made our way to orientation. We sat in a room with no walls and stared at a quote on the wall, "Live simply, so that others may simply live." -Ghandi  Reading that quote reminded me of why I was there.

    Alternative Spring Break

    My first Spring Break as a college student I participated in Alternative Spring Break offered by Plymouth. Seven students and myself had the opportunity to drive 30 hours down to Louisiana. And participate in Habitat for Humanity. The drive I was not so pumped about but it was worth it.

    When we crossed over into the state of Louisiana I became very overwhelmed. I had no idea what to expect. I have seen and heard; pictures and stories about the destruction on the news. I was scared of what I might see. Already on the side of the road trees were bent over and reminisce of roofing were tangled in branches. Once we crossed over a bridge and got in to the St. Bernard Parish the destruction of the hurricane that had hit two years ago was blatantly visible. There were boats, cars, trailers, refrigerators washed up near the roadside. In the marsh next to the road debri was floating around as if it was washed up yesturday. Houses were missing shingles. Many of the businesses have yet to be opened. Many of the homes were unhabited and all of them were marked with big 'X's that told how many people were found in the house and the day that it was searched. Seeing that was probably the most terrifing and real. It hit me then that this was not going to be any average vacation.

    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, in February! Holy Sweet Snow!It was pretty sweet to wake up on Wednesday to a foot of snow on the ground and snow continuing to fall. I hit up Loon early. I was lucky enough to stay at someones condo by the mountain; I did not have to worry about driving. The snow was amazing it was like riding on a mountain of mashed potatoes. It was so nice to finally get some powder runs. This season has been lacking in the snowflake department. 

    The glades. I spent the entire day in the woods. I have not rode in the glades for seasons. It was great to dodge trees and jib off rocks. If I fell it was like falling on a bed full of pillows. Oh powder days! There are no friends on powder days; I wait for no one.

    So much for a Ski Day, we were not going to have classes anyway. I was hoping for no classes Thursday but that was a no go. I was unable to hit the slopes on Thursday but I heard it was EPIC.

    Chocolate and Snow!

    chocolate snowflakesSweet deal! No classes and atleast a foot of snow! February 14th, is not just about roses and chocolate for this years Plymouth State Students. This year February 14th also happens to be a day of white snow and cold rides on the chair lift.

    Classes are canceled and everyone is heading to the slopes. Now you're stuck with the decision of what slopes you are going to shred. We lucky students get the choice of riding/skiing several mountains only minutes away. There's Loon, Waterville, Cannon, Bretton Woods and there is even talk of students making the three hour journey to Jay.

    It's always fun to ride down the slopes with a bunch of friends. Everyone riding to their own beat and having their own style. I'm excited for Wednesday, however it will be an adventure getting to the mountain with a Noreastern on it's way.  But it will be worth the sweet powder.

    Textbooks Costing You an Arm and a Leg?

    TextbooksTextbooks nowadays are expensive.

    This semester I spent $180 on textbooks. THREE BOOKS FOR $180! It's ridiculous. Some students may be reading this thinking, $180 for books is nothing. It's a lot for me and I even have a job. I could not imagine spending over $400 on textbooks just for one semester and many students do. Not to mention students are buying them used. Reality is, buying them used sometimes does not make textbooks cheaper.

    College students are already spending a fortune on their education. Why do they have to spend a fortune on textbooks that are hardly even used in the classroom. Four-hundred dollars could get a college students a lot more than a couple of books. With four-hundred dollars I could buy; a new snowboard, two Threedom passes and twenty, thirty racks of Bud Light.